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Graboweski Concrete’s Services: Equipment Rental & More

From landscaping equipment rental to lakeshore erosion control to site development, Graboweski Concrete & Supplies Ltd performs all the services you need to keep your residential or commercial property maintained to the highest standards. From excavation to installation, we see your projects through from start to finish. Our services include:


  • General Grading
  • Sod
  • Decorative Stone
  • Boulders

Sewer & Water

  • Wells
  • Pumps
  • Septic Pumps
  • Holding Tanks
  • Water Pumps
  • Low Pressure Sewer

Lakeshore Erosion Control

  • Gabion Baskets
  • Limestone Armour
  • Granite Armour
  • Random Block Wall
  • Retaining Wall
  • Concrete
  • Fence Post Walls

Site Prep/Lot Development

  • Brushing
  • Roads
  • Demolition
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Mulching
  • Grubbing
  • Excavation

In addition to our services, see what products we offer.

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